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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's all a Blur

What a wild ride this trip was. We had so many people to see and so many things to do. We tried to visit with as many people as we could, but there was just no way to fit it in. We saw Prince Caspian with the Curles, I went to my dentist, hit the thrift stores (which are really good in CA, but also really expensive), ate at Rubio's twice, ate at taco dives at least 4 times, Did not eat sushi with my husband (ahem, he ate with others - not fair), Went to In N Out (do I see a food related theme here?), went to Trader Joe's and Henry's (I so miss those stores), visited the Friends of the Library Book Store (the establishment that I miss the most), bought and ate lots of great salsa and hot sauce, went to 2 parties that sweet friends held in our honor, hit the beach, and sold 8 bison - and that's just a sampling. We cannot wait to do it again. As much as we love Montana and are so thankful that we moved, it was still more difficult leaving than I imagined it would be. We have great friends in San Diego and there is something wonderful in being familiar with places. I loved driving on auto pilot - I know exactly how to get where I am going. I have been in my friends' homes, and the other places we frequent, so many times that there is a lot of comfort in that. That was a strange longing that I wasn't expecting. We are moving in the direction of familiarity in Montana - we have some wonderful friends, but it takes time to establish routines and close ties. And, driving away from Kimberlynn Curles (who still insists that I have sinned in moving to MT and is mad at me - she calls me Miss Meanie!) was miserable. I am so thankful that Brad's business is still in San Diego and that we will continue to sell bison there. If we did not have ties that will take us there twice a year, I'd be really sad. So, I'd say we get the best of both worlds - we get to live in Paradise and visit San Diego! :)

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