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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dress Up Wars

category: wizards
It started out with just three of them; they amused themselves Saturday with a great idea of Elisha's.....Dress Up Wars. Eventually, Elisha herself jumped in. The idea was to put dress up categories in a hat, draw one out, dress up the best they could and then have Mom judge the best costume. You gotta love it when they get creative and have fun for hours without the use of any technological devices. Here are the categories and winners.
winner: Elias
winner: rockers
winner: Isaiah
category: Medieval
winner: Princess Elisha
winner: Isaiah
taker of blurry photographs: Mom
and an honorable mention: Elisha from the Revolutionary War
category: Star Wars
winner: Micah as Princess Leia as she looked in "The Empire Strikes Back"
category: western (3 cowboys and 1 indian)
winner: tie between Elias and Isaiah
category: rangers (inspired, I believe, by the Ranger's Apprentice books)
winner: Elisha
The category: business people
the winner: Elias. The tie and briefcase sealed the deal
Category: NERDS
Clearly, we have been watching a bit too much of Blimey Cow.