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Friday, February 24, 2012

Nine - and Ready to Rule the World

Nine very short years ago our lives were changed forever. Our little Micah, who is now NOT little and nine and way too big and able to rule a few small countries if we'd let her (but we won't - it'd be a dictatorship), was born. She is such a fun, happy, crazy, sweet, darling, snarky, sarcastic, sensitive, kind, wonderful little person. I had a great time taking photos of her baby pictures in the albums so that I could upload them here. Here are some favorites - they make me want to cry. Actually, I did cry. And then I gave her a big, fat hug.
Welcome to the world, darling baby!
Here she is, just minutes old, still wrapped in the blanket she was received in. She was very alert and looking all around her. Micah was 9 pounds, 13 ounces (amazing considering how skinny she is now) and 23 1/2 inches long. Her labor was a very short, wild ride - and I whined the whole way. Brad, my Mom, Michelle Freund (my most wonderful fabulous midwife in the world), Kelly Gonzales, and Pam Wilson were there for the triumphal entry. Jennifer McDaniel missed the show by about 5 minutes. She came with Curan who was three weeks old and we played "pass the babies" and compared how much longer and heavier Micah was than Curan and how much bigger her feet were.
Here she is, brand new with big brother who was very proud. This was her first morning.
brand new with her big sister. The beginning of a best friendship
She wasn't so sure about we invited her to join the club - which is still in existence
Micah was super smiley right from the beginning. She smiled way earlier than we thought humanly possible and she's been smiling ever since. Here she is being a Daddy's girl...still is
Micah was always (was?) super busy. From the time she was tiny, her legs never stopped moving. She held them straight up in the air and kicked them around. She would put her legs up under the bar on this bouncy seat (see how she has them in the picture?) and push and she would send that bar hurtling across the room
I love this cute and bright-eyed!
The gymnast nursing baby....remember what I said about those legs? This was typical.
These were her first steps by herself - she walked at 10 1/2 months
Dancing with her buddy, Elias.
We start 'em out reading young....she fell asleep many a days "reading" with books all over her bed
Just say it - she's yummy.
This was a photo taken for our kids' musical at church in San Diego.

don't you just want to pinch those cutiie-patootie dimply cheeks? I do....I did.
These were her very favorite jammies.

Always a big goofball

Elisha made a cake for her little sister this year. Isn't it great? AND, I didn't have to do it - which was even greater.

And here she is - in all her nine year old glory....and her new birthday hat.
Oh Happy Birthday, Micah. We love you so much.