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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Our stay with the Curles was unbelievable. I still cannot believe how much fun it was and how well everyone got along. There were 2 moms, two dads and 11 kids - the moms and kids all day every day - living together in blissful harmony. What fun it was. The creativity that flowed was inspiring. The house looked like a bomb went off during each day until we did a tidy each late afternoon. Josiah had read The Lord of the Rings books this winter, so he was allowed to watch the movies with Katelynn, Campbell, and McKenzie (who are bona fide fanatics - as you will see from our SD photos - swords, dresses....). Isaiah and Campbell decided to read The Hobbit together out loud and then to listen to it on tape as they read along. Katelynn made the world's best cheesecake for my birthday. The kids baked cookies. Kimberlynn and I sewed darling purses for ourselves and her neighbor who gave us the fabric. The girls sewed, the little people (Elias, Micah, Kathryn, Wayne) made finger puppets and put on a little show (The Puppets Who Don't do Anything), Elisha and Campbell made jewelry, Isaiah and McKenzie worked on refinishing and painting a wood project, Josiah sat in on Mac and Kate's online essay writing class.........creativity ran rampant. They all interacted so beautifully. Who buddied up with whom varied by day and activity. One part of a day Isaiah and Campbell would do everything together and then another time Elisha and Campbell were inseperable. Katelynn and Josiah would be doing something together and then Katelynn and Isaiah would decide to bake while McKenzie and Josiah were discussing books. Caroline and Elias were always together - they are best buddies. It was all lovely. Our kids all love each other so much - it is like being with family (minus all the bickering). It was a wonderful experience. Kimberlynn and I laughed, did laundry, talked, did laundry, played, did laundry, and enjoyed each other's company just doing nothing. And we so enjoyed each other's children. I am thankful for the Curles and our friendship with isn't just Kimberlynn that I miss - it is the whole package. I love those Curles girls (and the boy!). Oh how we miss them.

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