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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Little Dirt

Yesterday, we went to the Rickel's/Mallery's to help them with some gardening (and to spend some sweet time with them). We got a lot done and had a great time doing it. I am certain that Honour had the best time, though - he was wearing fun all over him. He was very interested in analyzing the cucumber mounds we were digging with his feet. We decided that what the little man needed was his own piece of dirt over which to take dominion. And boy did he.

This is how he looked at the beginning...just a tad of cookie on the face

Here he is at the end - One with the dirt.

To see the progression of dirtiness (and all the work that we did) you will have to look at the rest of the photos. It wasn't just him that ended up muddy - the girlies all had a great time helping him in his conquest. We hosed everyone's feet and hands off pretty well, but when the girls and I stopped at the Farmer's Market, the library and the grocery store in Columbia Falls on the way home we were quite a sight. The girls were filthy (Micah looked like she and her dress had been dragged through a bog). Our feet were so dirty (even hosed off) and when I got home, I found that I had a big, muddy blob on the back of my shirt! I thought people were probably wondering what kind of mother I was to let my kids run around like that. The girls said that I should be EXTRA nice to them while we were out so that no one thought I was a rotten mom. I think they were vying for ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and crew-
Can you come over and "play" with us in our garden? It looks like you really know how to have fun!
The Sibleruds

Angie B. said...

So cute and looks like fun.