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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh, Say Can You See?

We spent our Fourth of July in Plains with the Olsens again this year (and the Mackos - their friends from CA that are co-owners of the river house). It was a great weekend. It was nice meeting the Mackos finally - we thoroughly enjoyed their company and are happy to have some new friends!
We went into town to watch the fireworks show (and set off a few of our own that night too) and almost got the kids killed by foolish people not paying any attention to what they were doing (fire plus fireworks plus alcohol equals dumb). We got out of there quickly and retreated to our fireworks watching spot. The next night we put on a show of our own - Shawn Olsen and Brad Dunham are pyros we have discovered. The show was better than any other I have ever seen. They were the real deal.
The river was so much higher than ever before and we couldn't launch the boat in the usual places. We had to drive up the Flathead River before it merges with the Clark Fork and put in there. The current was so strong that it made things a little difficult. We did have a great time. Windsor, the Olsen's Viszla, decided to go into the river while we were all out on the boats. The current was so strong that he couldn't get back. Praise God that Mike Macko decided to go towards our little shore and saw him floundering in the water out in the middle of the river. We have no idea how long he had been out there, but he was completely spent, had a nasty cut on his leg and was just not himself the rest of the day and night. He would have surely drown had Mike not been heading that direction and seen him. We were all so thankful - we love Windsor.
Other highlights include: a hayride on the John Deere (minus the hay) to the swimming hole, a giant slip and slide, s'mores, waterskiing, tubing, great food, and a surprising number of mosquitos due to the very wet spring we had! It was such a fun weekend. You can view the photos here!

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