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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer in Montana is.....

......kind of like a train wreck. Not in a gory, violent kind of way, but in a chaotic, breathless, out-of-control, wild kind of way. First of all, summertime is glorious here - beautiful, warm, sunny, fresh, happy, perfect - and the great outdoors is calling your name from 5:30 am - 10:30 pm while the sun is out to play. So, you stay up extra late (because at 9pm, it feels like it is 3pm). Then you get up and have to hit the floor running, because you slept in later than you should have, but not long enough for your exhausted self. Then, you run off to some new adventure. Everyone is exhausted and grouchy (little kids on little sleep is kind of like a melt down waiting to happen all the time!) but having such fun that you just cannot stop. We keep saying that we all HAVE to go to bed early "tonight" (any night - one night......please!), but it never happens. It feels like chaos, it looks like chaos, but it is oh-so-much fun. Summer doesn't last too long here, so you have to take advantage of it and live life to the fullest while you are able.

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