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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Long Trip Home

Day 1: The long drive home started on Saturday morning, May 3rd. My parents sold us their fully loaded, dream-of-a-rig, Expedition for a song (well, actually, less than a song!). We set off packed to the gills. We started in VA and drove through WV, KY, IN, and IL. We had 2 "issues" that first day.
1. We stopped at a Starbucks Travel center. I ordered a tall, half decaf, latte with an extra shot and whipped cream. They thought I said make it with heavy cream.....have you ever tasted a latte made with heavy cream? I wish I hadn't, because it makes nay other latte taste like it's made with water! I drank a few decadent sips and then set it down at the car to help someone (kid) with something. One of the kids (who will remain annonymous) kicked it over and spilled it all over my seat and purse. So, we broke in the car with it's first spill. It's always the first that is the worst and we figured we ought to get it over and done with. I suppose I didn't need all that fat anyway! It ran through the seat and underneath onto the was a good one. I put someone's t-shirt under me to sit on, but at the next potty stop I was still looking like I didnt make it in time! :) Nice.
2. Somewhere on a KY freeway one of the top suitcases flew off the car! Praise God that it didn't hit anyone. We were in a road work area and had to get off the freeway several miles up, turn around and go back to the location. I had visions of undies all over the freeway, but can you belive that there was not one piece of clothing on the road? The suitcase had ripped in 1/2 and there were clothes and things strewn about the far side of the guard rail. Brad looked all over the embankment and found all that he could. We still aren't sure what is missing except for one of Josiah's church shoes and one of his flip flops. His church shoes were getting too small and he had been vying for new flip flops for a long time! Other than those two mishaps, we made it to IL all in one piece.

My cousin, Donna, and her family live in Mt. Carmel, IL and put us up for the night. My Mom grew up there and many of my relatives lived there. We moved across the country just about every two yearsI was a kid, so we spent part of each of those summers in IL. Donna and I spent lots of time togehter during those summers. She was so much fun and had a propensity for getting us into trouble (not BIG trouble, mind, you, but trouble non-the-less) Over teh years, she had all sorts of crazy animals, including a skunk (de-smelled) and an opposum. Donna drives a bus for the local school district now (has for years) and also works for a man that runs estate auctions. She is one busy, hard-working gal with tons of energy.

Day 2: We started off early the next morning for Ogden, KS. Our oldest son, Drew, is stationed in Iraq. He is an air traffic controller in the Army. His dear wife, Christina, is stationed in KS where she goes to school and works full time in management at Target (I would not make it home with much of a paycheck if it were me!). We took Christina out to dinner and stayed with her for the night. Day 3: We made it to Casper, WY. On the way there, my friend, Julie Cochran, who lives in Denver, met us at Chik-Fil-A for dinner. It was so nice of her and her sweet, darling girls to drive all the way out there for such a short little visit. In WY, we stayed at the C'Mon Inn - this great, Montana-looking motel where our friends, The Millers, had stayed when they went through Casper the week before.

Day 4,699 4: We were SO ready to be home. We decided to call our good friends, the Behrendts and Olsons, when we were just 20 minutes outside of Bozeman to see if they happened to be out and about and could meet us for coffee. They were and they did. It was so much fun seeing Colleen, Jeannie and the kids. It put wind in our sails for the last 5 hours of the drive.

Home is where the ................bed is!!! The really comfy, soft, warm, Select Comfort bed (with an electric blanket!!). It never looked so good! Home, sweet, mobile home (our rental never looked so good either)! It was a long four days and the funny (funny?) thing is in just 8 days we get back in the car again and drive to San Diego to deliver bison!! Who's crazy? WE ARE!!! WE ARE!!!! PICK US!!!!

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