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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beach, glorious beach

We Dunhams LOVE the beach. I know you think that sounds crazy since we now live in MT, but that's just how it is. We LOVE the beach and we used to spend a lot of time there when we lived in San Diego. Since the great outdoors here in Montana is spectacular and there are so many things to do in each season, we haven't really had a chance to miss it - until now. On Memorial Day, we were planning on a full day at Torrey Pines. We go there with the Curles on holidays. Before we started joining them on these holidays, we thought they were out of their minds (because they went on Saturdays and holidays). We LIVED in SD and didn't need to experience the beach on days when 300,000 other people would be joining us. We were smart; we went on weekdays instead. One 4th of July we decided to join them (against our better judgement). We had to eat humble pie; down at that far, south end of Torrey Pines there is nowhere to park except for the pay parking lot and when it is full - you are out of luck: no streets to park on and walk from, no nearby neighborhood, nothing - just big, tall cliffs. Limited parking changes things. The crowd was like a regular weekday at the beach. We were amazed. Hence began our holiday beach days with the Curles. Just as a side note - the Curles, one day, tried out La Jolla Shores on a Saturday and disgustingly left after a very short stay because it was so overwhelmingly crowded. They then realized why we thought they were nuts all those years - we thought that's what they were doing every weekend!!!! Anyway, I am sooo off track.
Back to the beach on Memorial Day THIS year. We woke up to a cloudy and awful day. We decided that regardless of the weather, this was our one beach day and at around 1pm we were heading out with swimsuits on to freeze, take a quick walk on the beach and head home. As we neared the coast we became so thankful that we had come. It never did clear up inland, but it was the most sunny, beautiful beach day we had seen in a long time. It was so clear, that both La Jolla to the south and Carlsbad to the north were perfectly visible. The water was lovely and there was NO crowd probably because everyone, like us, thought it was surely cloudy on the coast. It was even a great shell collecting day which is rarely the case. What a day. Days like that make me wonder how we will ever live without it - the waves, the sand, the unmistakable smell of the ocean - deliciously lovely. I felt like God made that glorious day just for us - now that is terribly self centered and I know that He had many reasons (non-ME related) for unravelling that day as He did. I was just glad that He chose to bless us so thoroughly with it.

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