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Monday, May 19, 2008

The beginning

We drove into San Diego on Friday night and went directly to Shaun's softball game. After we had been sitting there for 5 minutes, it seemed as if we hadn't driven those 18 hours, but had merely tootled across town to Kit Carson Park. Odd. It seemed so strange that it didn't seem strange being there; as if we had never left. After the game, we went to Chitos - a local taco dive - the best kind. One of our goals is to eat so much Mexican food while we are here that we won't miss it until we get back in the Fall (just to let you know, it'll never happen! One cannot possibly eat THAT much Mx food.). We finally made it out to the Curles house where we were treated to spectacular hospitality. We are so excited to be here.

Saturday was CRAZY. We got up early and headed out to our first bison drop off location in Rancho Bernardo. It was really fun meeting all of these folks that I have emailed and spoken with over the past few weeks and putting faces to names. It would be 100 degrees for our little venture, now wouldn't it? Miserable San Diego weather. Drop off location number two was a blessing. A new friend, and bison customer, Jan Batten let us use her garage (and home and bathroom!) to set up shop. The Gonzales' family came by to spend a couple of hours with us - and pick up their bison. I wish I had taken photos. I find myself always wishing I had taken photos. I should just take photos of everything and then just delete if I wish I hadn't. As soon as our last bison was delivered, we blasted off to Rubio's (more Mx. food - fish tacos to be flipper...just yummy) for a tiny snack and THEN off to a party. The wonderful Mizel's had a get together for us so that we could visit with people from our old church - Green Valley. It was such fun seeing everyone. We have such lovely friends in San Diego. We all ate bison burgers and gabbed while the kids swam. I was pretty humbled that so many people wanted to give up their Saturday evening to come and see is so nice being loved. That night we went back to the Curles and flopped into bed. Now that the bison is out of our hands, we can relax and enjoy ourselves. Looking forward to a great week. It started off with a bang.

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