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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Writer in the House!

Last night when we got home, Elisha had some official mail. She recently sent in a poem and piece of artwork to Rural Montana Magazine (Mag. of the Flathead Electrical Co-op) for consideration. They accept drawings, photos and poetry from kids in the Flathead Valley. In the envelope last night were two copies of this month's issue containing BOTH her poem and drawing and a note saying "Elisha, Usually I pay for either the art or the poem, but yours were so terrific, I had to use both". It also contained a check for $20!! Wow. Since you won't be able to read it from the photo, I am including it here. She did it completely on her own. When she brought it to me to send, I offered a couple of suggestions but she told me that she wanted to send it just like it was. We are so proud of our little author/illustrator!!

The Barn
I like to play out in the barn,
Up in the fragrant hay.
I like to call it my special place,
And play there every day.
I like to hear the horse,
Below me in the stall.
And see the leather harnesses,
Hanging on the wall.

I like to hear the crunch,
Of the oats in the horse's mouth.
And look out my little window,
That faces to the south.

And when the day is over,
And the time to play is gone,
I look forward to tomorrow,
When I can play out in the barn.


Kendra said...

WTG Elisha! That's awesome - congratulations!!! We are so proud of you.

Anonymous said...

I can tell from the poem that my daughter would love spending the day just the same way! I think I might like it too, actually. Congratulations! Are you working on your next submission to publish?

-Mrs Bringe in MO

Kelly said...

Wow, Elisha! That's a beautiful poem :-) What are you going to do with the $20.00??

Jessica said...

That's SOOOO exciting Elisha! Keep up the good work. May God use your talent mightily to his glory!

Doug Kyle said...


Rena said...

Congratulations Elisha! I saw your poem and artwork! I send my photographs into RM all the time, so I'm really familiar with the publications. Congrats again!

Rena Jones in Bigfork

Harman Happenings said...

Congratulations Elisha on your beautiful poem. It reminded me of my childhood in my grandpas barn(minus the horse I always wished was there). So glad God gave your family a farm. You are going to have wonderful memories growing up Im sure.Love, Stefanie Harman
p.s.We meet you at Flathead Lake and my girls still talk about you all.