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Monday, September 1, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Tonight, we got home from our Labor Day Weekend in Plains with Olsens at their river house. We have been so busy and not-home lately that driving to Plains did not have the same "Wow, I am so excited to go" feeling as usual, but I knew that once we got there, it would be the usual fun. It is always a great time. We had one good weather day in which we water skied/boated. Micah tried the skimmer board for the first time - it was a hit. The girl has a bunch of spunk and isn't scared of much - which makes ME scared. We went to the Sanders County Fair and the rodeo - where they actually have a real PVR bull riding event. Not bad for a little town. We let each kid ride one ride and Josiah chose the Zipper....the biggest one there. No one wanted to go with him and so guess who got elected? Yep, me. Now I love rides, but the ones at little fairs - you know, the ones that they take apart and put together like Legos each weekend at a new location - seem a little sketchy to me. As I was 3 stories high being plummeted backwards and twirled upside down I was thinking those thoughts. And I was also thinking that I ought not look too close at the inside of the cage we were in.....they are kind of gross (kind of??). I screamed the whole time and we laughed hard. We also went shooting skeet (not at the rodeo, but in Plains. Josiah is a sharp shooter!) and just enjoyed the time with friends. The May and Kassity families from Bozeman joined us all as well. We wish that the Olsens lived closer. Bozeman is just too long of a drive - even for us.

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