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Monday, September 8, 2008

Three Ring Circus

Today was our first day back to school. NEED I SAY MORE? Those of you who homeschool know just what I mean. Lots of activity, noise, nonsense, protestation, procrastination, NON-work, and arguing, but not much stimulation to the brain of the good kind - at least not for me! We did take "first day of school photos" and that was the hightlight (and only fun, non stressful, happy event) of the momentous day! You'll have to go here to see them all. I had to include one photo here to maintain that homeschool image.

Here's the real one

And it was Micah's very first official day of school....she is in kindergarten - and so excited!! We aren't doing anything new - the same stuff as last spring, but she hasn't figured that out yet!
Interestingly enough, the KIDS say that we had a pretty good day.....I am not exactly sure if they were in the same house as I was OR what that says about what's to come? I dare not ask.


Jessica said...

How exciting! I'm looking forward to school days with my children. God bless this year for you all. And congratulations Micah!

Kendra said...

Those pictures are hilarious! I can't believe how big "Bear" is getting.

Love you all!

Renée ~ said...

Hello Mrs. Dunham--this is Renee from the Gallatin Valley. I found your blog from your comment on Jessica's! I hope your ranching and schooling is going well; it sounds like it is:-)

Rena said...

Great pictures! Congrats on your first day! We started today and hey, we SURVIVED! ;)

Kelly said...

They all are looking so grown up. Micha is wearing my favorite Marlie shoes ;-)