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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GONE, like yesterday is GONE

.....Like history is gone, The world keeps spinning on, You're going going gone, Like summer break is gone, Like Saturday is gone...(a little Switchfoot for you!)....but it is GONE.
There are some things that we have been trying to find since we moved in - important things: brown shoe(s) things, curling iron things, down pillow things.....and more. We have looked and looked and looked and finally yesterday all hopes were dashed. We finally opened the last box and they were not there. So, we figure that all of my necklaces (eeeek!), all of Brad's shorts and board shorts, the above, and who knows what else are GONE. I do remember that week seeing some things in the middle of the highway when I was driving into town. But did I even think about them being mine? NOOOOOO, even though we were moving all of our things to the new house that day? I just thought "Bummer, SOMEONE lost a bunch of their stuff!". I did see it however, and wouldn't I have noticed if it belonged to me? I guess not!!! So, anyway, it is G-O-N-E - GONE.

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Kelly said...

Oh no!! I hope you didn't loose anything super special :-(