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Thursday, January 10, 2008

more propane troubles

Today, we checked our propane levels and couldn't believe that they had already gone down significantly since Friday....10% is pretty significant. In addition ever since we moved in, we have smelled propane off and on. The landlord had she had noticed it too and had the propane company come out to check last year and they didn't find anything. Well, I called the propane company today and they sent a very nice man out to check.....sure enough the stove has a gas leak. So, he RED TAGGED it and disconnected it meaning that we are not allowed to use it until it has been fixed or replaced. WHAT???? Our landlord called to say that she ordered a new stove, but it will not be here until MONDAY! EEEEEK!!! Isn't it a good thing that I got so much practice using that camp stove this summer? :)

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