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Friday, January 4, 2008

good news and bad news!

Well, we had an exciting day in our household yesterday - Micah lost her first tooth!! She is almost a big girl now. It was noticed to be loose on Wednesday and she had a terrible time all day long. Eating was torture - so you'd THINK by the cries of pain she utterred (pure drama!). She told Shaun he could pull it that night, but it wasn't ready. I think she's pretty brave. I remember my loose teeth and I'd have rather died than let anyone in there to yank them. They were hanging on by one, tiny thread and I used to let them hang until they literally fell out. Thursday morning, Shauny did indeed yank it out and she was so excited. IT is under her pillow tonight so "that fairy can give me a thousands hundreds dollars" (at that I told her that the fairy is going to put a note under her that says "forget it - keep the tooth!"). We have been completely lame in the tooth fairy area at our house. They all know that there is no such thing as the tooth fairy (sorry if I am bursting anyone's bubble here), but they feel jipped anyway since we didn't hand over any dough. Josiah says that he is going to leave a note under Micah's pillow that says "hey, Tooth Fairy, you owe my about $10 - pay up!". So, we have decided to let them all live vicariously through their baby sister.....everybody gets a buck tonight! It's a party at the Dunhams!
Now for the bad news...... Also on Wednesday, we were smelling strange propane smells. I called the landlord and told her I thought we had a leak (which, by the way, we still think there might be). She said that if the tank had just been filled to 100% (it wasn't) it would smell like that or if it is just about to run out (yikes!!!), it would smell that way as well. I was boiling rice and guess what went out? Yep, that's right - the stove turned off - no more propane. Now, our stove, water heater, AND furnace are on propane. We had no idea we were even close to empty, but I guess propane goes quickly. We called teh propane company and they were closed. Did I mention that it is cold in Montana? It is a good thing that places are better insulated here than in San Diego! When we called Thursday morninig, the company was so backed up because of having New Year's Day off, that they couldn't deliver until Friday (today) which is their regularly scheduled Columbia Falls day. So, it was an interesting 2 days with some unique meals. When we got home from sledding yesterday, Brad had pulled in the camp stove (we have a giant, robo, super stove) and had it going gull blast in here to heat the place. It really didnt' get all that cold, but today when the propane guy came, we were one happy bunch. Showers (warm ones) are a good thing! That was a little excitement for two days. Now I need a nap! :)

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Kelly said...

"Dear Micah, I lost the same tooth the other day! When I looked at the picture, I noticed the jacket because it was mine. Did you get any money from the tooth fairy?"

Love Marlie