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Saturday, January 5, 2008

It's About Time

We finally have had snow in Montana. This past week, we got some good snow -all together about 10 inches maybe? We have had fun out in it playing around. Shaun built a big mound and a ramp off the side deck and snowboarded it. I took some photos and videos. We went sledding for our first times this week. We went twice to a GREAT, BIG hill in our pastor's neighborhood. They have been going there for the past couple of years. It is this great bowl in a public park. The powder was deep the first day so that every time you slid down, you ended up with snow all over your face and head (and everywhere else). Great fun. more photos and videos. Have a look. So after all that great snow, yesterday it warmed up and started to RAIN!! Today most of the snow is gone and everything is mushy. Except when it gets colder at night and then all that mush turns to ice. :)


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Kendra said...

Looks like fun!

Jennifer said...

better you than me! I'm having a hard enough time running in rain! hahaha!