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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hillbilly Haven

I am pretty sure that most people are not boiling bison heads in their backyards........lucky me. Yep, and not your ordinary bison head - a full grown bull head. It has been sitting at the house in a trash bag - not IN the house, mind you - for a couple of months and since it has started to thaw around here, we figured something had to be done before it started stinkin'. It isn't everyday that you come across a full grown, bison bull head - you either have to pay for a nice, big bison hunt, or one of your stubborn bulls that won't come home to the herd has to die out in the wild and get half eaten by animals....then you get a bull head. We got ours by the latter means......jealous? Yeah, I didn't think so. We didn't have anything big enough to boil the doggone thing in, so we had to get a feeding trough. Then McGyver set up the system. It started out as a big fire with steel poles and sheet metal holding up the tub and it progressed to all sorts of other creative means to get the thing to boil. It was Boy Hillbilly Haven here this weekend. Some of The Miller boys came over to watch the festivities. Oh my. At one point there were 3 fires going and the pyromaniacs came in to get one of my cast iron pans, bread, and butter - they made toast on the open fire.CJ and Josiah sat around playing guitar on the steel poles so that they wouldn't bend into the fire.

HOURS later, just like a roast, the meat fell right off the skull. Just for the record, we did NOT, I repeat, we did NOT, eat the meat or make head cheese as my husband suggested we should. I am sure he was kidding....pretty sure he was just trying to get a reaction out of me...pretty sure. Now, we have to figure out how to bleach the skull so that it whitens up. And then, what to do with it.....Brad says it is going over our bed....I laughed real hard and passed it off as a great joke. ha ha ha ha.....aaaaaaahhhhhh! There is no way I am sleeping under that thing. We will keep this one, though, and find some great place to put it - like maybe out in the shop. Or, one day, maybe we will have a huge stone fireplace and we can hang it there. I would love to have an artist paint it some funky colors - Carol Hagan-ish maybe.


Brad said...

Not sure How or Why she puts up with my HICKness, but I sure am blessed! "Not over the bed huh..."
Are you sure?? I<3U, BLD

Jodi said...

Um, this kind of stuff scares me! Literally!!!! It is one of the reasons I am hesitant to move to Montana. Hee Hee. Nope, not moving. But, I will still be your friend.

Karen Dunham said...

ha ha, Jodi. I am glad you will still be my friend. You can live vicariously through your girls when they get here....they might like boiling bison heads!

Grandpa said...

Better go for the Head Cheese, probably be better that all that Possum and Coon we had to eat as kids.
Love U

Grandpa said...

If there is a WoodCraft store around there, they have some wood bleach that would probably work to whiten the skull.It will make walnut wood white so would probably work. Let me know if can not find any and I will try to find some I have and fire it out to you all.
Love u