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Friday, April 1, 2011

Teenagers are Detrimental to Your Sleep

OOHHHHH. If I had known that teenagers cause you such lack of sleep, I would have slept WAY more in college to make up for it. Why don't they just go to sleep? And why do they want to talk about everything under the sun at 11:30 pm?? Can't they do that at 7:30pm? Don't get me wrong - I WANT to talk about everything under the sun with my kids, but I mean, heck, we homeschool - we are here all day together....why is said kid not worried about how he wants to record the vocals on that song or what guitar he wants to use at 8:30? Just wondering why those things are not important until the "it's time for mom (and YOU!) to go to bed" time. Can't they remember that at 7 am, when I come down to drag them out of bed, they will be in a totally comatose condition because of this?? Doesn't he know that I am OLD now????


Josiah Dunham said...


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh Karen,
How funny.. Auburn read it and said I had to read it.. Great post!
She doesn't talk to me late at night, she starts PROJECTS and then needs MOMS help.. go figure...
She talks to me all day.. any chance she can... I love them.. how nice God is to use our children to transform us as parents.

Grandpa said...

OLD,---you are just getting started--just you wait. Maybe it is a little payback.
Love Ya Gal