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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adventure Boy Turns 15

Adventure boy turns 15 today. In honor of this memorable occasion I am posting fifteen things we love about Josiah and photos. I scanned some photos from our albums with Brad's phone (it IS smart) so that I could have some non-digitals. Love it.

Fifteen Things We Love About Josiah:
1. He has a great sense of humor. He's been that way from earlier than he should have been. It just didn't seem right having a 4 year old being funny, not because he was a kid, but because he really was funny. He used humor in ways that none of our other 4 years olds did - well, except for Micah (and they are my most similar kids!).
2. He is very musical - a kid after my own heart that way. He plays guitar, piano, and is learning mandolin. Music is his passion - it makes him tick. He is pretty much self taught (except for some early instruction by Mr. Lee....thanks, Gale!) and he is good.
3. Josiah is a thinker....which makes for great conversation. And he likes to talk!!
4. He is compassionate towards others
5. He knows Christ as his saviour and wants to follow Him all through life.
6. We have the same taste in music - and that is really fun.
7. Josiah is a great friend - he is very loyal.
8. He is a quick learner and is good at just about everything that he tries to do.
9. He is determined.
10. He has a great sense of style.
11. He is extremely athletic (see #8 for more details!)
12. He is our in-house go-to techy guy.
13. He is so much fun to be around - one of my favorite people.
14. He plays a great devil's advocate which helps anyone (and himself) understand why they believe what they do.
15. He's my son and first born to boot - that's the thing I am most thankful for in Josiah....I thank God that, in His sovereignty, he gave Josiah to all of us in our family. I don't know what we'd do without him.

I love this one!

Always in costume. For years, he was a "fire guy" wherever we went.

the King and Queen.

First grade - don't you want to just pinch his little cheeks??

First Tee Ball team. He was very serious.....all the other kids were picking daisies, but Josiah was in the World Series. also, each time he got to base, he'd pick up the base, dust it off and put it back down.

The Incredible Hulk showing us how big his muscles are and how NOT skinny he is.

2nd grade cute little punkin'.

The mighty Celts. Homeschool history at its finest. Check out Elias - he has been crazy from the get-go.

He loved his baby sister.

With Grandma Riggs

With Dad before one of his All-Star games

Goober - first day of school photos - homeschooler.

Still loves his baby sister.

He is happiest with his guitar

Happy Birthday, Josiah, we love and thank God for you.

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Peggy Sue Miller said...

All the Millers LOVE Josiah, Jojo, Jo, Jonana etc. He's one of our favorite people too. Love the pictures.