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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Wylds

We just watched The Wylds last weekend. The movie, made by local film maker Andrew Wiest here in the Flathead Valley, is sort of a modern, loosely adapted version of Pilgrim's Progress. It stars Solomon Ray (Crystal Lewis' son; their daughter also was involved and wrote the end song). I knew it was an independent, small budget film and, although I thought it would be decent, I wasn't expecting anything incredible - films are tough to do without a big budget. Also, I knew there were some weird sci-fi/special effects scenes that made me skeptical. I was totally impressed - we all loved it. The script, the acting, the special effects and the filming were exceptional. It is one of the very best low budget films I have seen to date; WAY better than the films that have won a certain high profile, Christian film festival that many of us are familiar with! ;) There was none of the "cheesy factor" that often exists in lower budget films. It is even more impressive knowing that most of the actors were locals. One thing that I didn't care for was that Evangeline (Evangelist in the real Pilgrim's Progress) was a female preacher. I think that kind of limits the film's market and might make some people stay away. Although that is contrary to scripture, and I no way agree with that interpretation, I totally enjoyed the film and would recommend it to anyone. It is nice having movies that the entire family can watch and enjoy together. And imagine - right here in little 'ole Kalispell.

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