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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freecycle Strikes Again

We posted on Freecycle a couple of weeks ago for an espresso maker (again - the last one just died) and I immediately received an email from Father Rudy at a local catholic church saying that he had one we could have. In our email communique, he also said that he had a nice guitar and wondered if we wanted that too!!!!!! Us, a guitar??? Heck yeah!! We got over there to get the items, and not only was the espresso machine a Krups Il Primo - looks brand new - but the super
nice guitar was in a case, with a stand, and included an instructional DVD set - 25 DVDs with the books and extra bonus practice DVDs. What a huge blessing. The DVD set is awesome. All the boys are using it in their school day. I love Freecycle. Isn't the Lord amazing to do things like that in our lives? And God bless Father Rudy!

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