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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The War Wagon

Shaun is driving back from California to Montana with us so that we can transport the “war wagon” to MT. It is an old step van that McGyver converted into a mobile media truck for Pacific Coast Communications business a few years ago. It has been sitting dormant for a few years. It used to have a projector and internet system inside and a screen on the outside for the display. It now houses a high performance gitty-up engine that we are going to change out to a different truck for Shaun to take back to San Diego. The heat in the war wagon isn’t the greatest…..Shaun and Brad are switching out every half hour so that no one freezes to death (it is -4 right now at 9:52 am)…..freezing to death would be bad. I’m being spared that duty – this is when being a female driver really pays off.

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