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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The best carne asada ever

On Sunday, I had the best carne asada burrito I have ever had – and it isn’t because we are totally deprived that I feel that way – I know a good carne asada when I see one! There is a little hole in the wall in Escondido called Jilbertos. The hot sauce was excellent too (that’s how we judge a good Mexican shop – carne asada and hot sauce. And the beans were great too). If someone in San diego wanted to move to Montana and open a taco shop here in Kalispell, they could make a killing. All of us displaced Californians here (not sure who lived here before we all came) lament over the great Mexican food we are missing out on (and the fact that there isn't a Trader Joe's anywhere even remotely close by, but that's another story). So, if in San Diego, go to Jilbertos. BUT don’t use the bathroom – it does NOT live up to the carne asada standard. ICK.


Brad said...

Agreed! Can't find any here in Minot ND... wonder why.
Love you,
your honey

Lauren said...

San Diego has some of the best mexican food ever! California burritos are amazing. Who doesn't love french fries in their burrito! Mmm!