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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Go Fish Revival

Three Christmases ago, my brother and sister-in-law sent this great CD by Go Fish. It is fun, catchy and intelligent (for the most part) kid music, by these three Christian dads. WE liked it, listened for a few days, but then it went into the pile of the zillion CDs we have and sat.....until lately. We are having a Go Fish Revival at our house. My kids must have listened to our Snazzy CD three thousand times in the past two weeks. I think it was sparked when the Super Hero song was used in a slide show at our friend's wedding in San Diego this November. Just this morning, I was getting dressed and had to succomb to the "Mom Song" ("If you work all day and you never get paid you're a mom") 8 times in a row- full blast - until I went out and told Isaiah to turn it down and play another song.... PLEASE! I really love the song, but....5 times in a row?? The kids want the Christmas CD "Snow" (great CD) and since they don't have it, they decided to listen to the next best thing - Snazzy. If you haven't heard these guys, you ought to. Some of their songs include The Jammy Song, It's Hard to Look Cool in a Mini Van, and the more serious Saved my Faith. Go here to sample and then buy one!

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