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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hymn Sing

Every third Sunday evening, our congregation meets to sing hymns. It is not what you think: a bunch of old people, singing dirges. Not even close. It is the most fun at a church function that I have ever had, and yes, I do get out much and I have had plenty of fun at church activities in my life, thank you. We are blessed to have a very musical church - talent runs deep here. If churches sang hymns like our church sings hymns, everyone would love them. It is a shame that they don't. The sound of a group of people singing those age-old, meaningful songs of the faith in 4-part harmony is something to behold. And fun? You bet. Tonight, we started out with a booming round of "Redeemed", ended with "Almighty Invisible", and had an hour of "Holy, Holy, Holy", "Joyful Joyful" (WITH the descant) and others (some new, some old) thrown in. What is really great is that the kids do most of the requesting. You gotta love when your kid requests something like "We Come Oh Christ to You". We all bring food, and afterwards we go downstairs, fill the kids with sugar, and let them run amuck. Fun stuff.


Jessica said...

I'm with you on hymns Karen. How can you NOT sing them enthusiastically? Just think about the words! Usually they express such profound, precious truths.

And I'm with you on hymn-sings being FUN. I grew up with them in church and in the home, and was one of those little kids who competed with all the other kids to get my hymn number out FIRST. At one time, it got to the point where Dad had to ask all of his children NOT to request a hymn because of the competition; so I very slyly (so I thought!) asked my friend to request a hymn for me. She obliged, but her dad wasn't familiar with it and asked her, "How do you know this one?" She innocently replied," Jessica asked me to pick it!" :) I was SO embarassed!

Missy Shell said...

I want to come. I love Hymns...