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Monday, January 12, 2009

Awkward Biblical Moments

Agonizing, uncomfortable, maybe even excruciating: those moments when you are headlong into a passage with your kids and realize that maybe you shouldn't have gone here. This week, I was reading Genesis chapter 19 to the kids while Brad was at the ranch. When we hit verse 8 where Lot tells the men of the city that instead of the visitors they are seeking, he will send his daughters (ICK!!) out to them to do as they please with, I used the "just keep reading" technique and moved right past those confused glances. But when we got to verse 32, I started sweating. My mind was saying "uh, maybe we should stop for today". But while my mind was grappling with that confusion, my lips just kept right on going. When we ended at verse 38, the littler people had some questions (oh, really? what a surprise!!). I shot a deer in the headlight look over at Josiah, who is 12. He suppressed a laugh and gave me a "don't look at me - you're on your own, here, Mom" look. After stumbling over a "people are sinners and we do all sorts of evil things thinking that we are right" type of answer (I am certain that they were looking more for an answer to just what the text MEANT), but before they could pursue any more questions, I pulled an "Oh, look at the time".

I am thinking that tomorrow we may stick to Leviticus, you know; burnt offerings, sacrificial lambs - something a little safer!


Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I remember many family devotions where we would read "those" passages (especially in the early chapters of Proverbs!) and my little sisters would inevitably have all manner of questions for Dad. He always answered graciously, but often I would catch him and Mom exchanging glances and supressing grins. Your description of your experience gave me a chuckle, especially since I can relate. :)

Missy Shell said...

The best part of this whole thing, by far, is that you and Josiah shared a look! I love it!!!