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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Three Questions

Every night for the past two years (appx - maybe more!), Isaiah has asked "the three questions" at bedtime. Now, I guess I cannot say EVERY night, because I am sure that he has missed some here and there, but almost EVERY night.
Question #1 - "Can I sleep with you?".
Question #2 - "Can I sleep in the girls' room?" (when Q.1 fails).
Question #3 - "Can I have some ice cream?".
He is like that woman whom Jesus told about who continually badgered the judge until she got the answer that she wanted (did I use my pronouns correctly there? - I have just learned the proper use of who/whom this year thanks to 4th grade Rod and Staff English). It has gotten to the point where Brad, when he sees Isaiah approaching at bedtime, will say "No....No....and No. Now go to bed". Every once in a great while, Isaiah's persistence pays off with a yes to Question #1 and all the rest of the kids get all bent out of shape complaining that Isaiah got to sleep with us LAST time. Our response is always, "well, YOU didn't ask". They hate that, but no one else has figured out that if you ask enough times, you might eventually get a yes. :)

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Kelly said...

He is the persistant one, isn't he? :-)