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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

We were met here on day 2 by my sister-in-law and the niece and nephews....they are so cute. Wes was 2 and Silas was just months old when we last saw the Riggs (I still am not used to THEM being the Riggs and not me....when they say "Riggs' kids come here" I always look at my kids and wonder why they stand there not coming!). There has been the addition of sweet baby Asher since then. The cousins are having a great time. They all goofed around and then my brother showed up for dinner was quite a crowd and I am not sure my parents knew what hit them - well, they knew WHAT it was, but I think that it was a little shocking. :) The favorite activity was sliding down the stairs - any which way. It was the in-house super slide. They went head first, feet first, backwards, sideways (Silas), and Wesley decided to jump all the way down - bad idea. Micah had so many rug burns that she looked tortured - one was even a big, nasty scab a few days later. We put a stop to the VERY LOUD sliding down the stairs game.
See photos of some of our trip while we were in Alexandria here.

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