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Thursday, April 10, 2008


One thing that I have come to appreciate now that we live in Montana is socks!! In San Diego, I never gave a rip about socks.....I wore no show, ped-type socks; bought them at Costco and didn't care what they looked like because......they didn't show. Socks were just a necessity so that your feet didn't sweat and your shoes didn't get stinky. Not so any longer. It is ALL about socks. I write about this now, because I just got two new pairs of socks. The Army Navy store here in Columbia Falls is going out of business and everything is 30% off!! Now, you people in other states may think - Army/Navy store - big deal. Well, here in MT they sell great gear - boots, shoes, ski clothes, hats, scarves, packs, socks, long underwear, Smartwool everything. There are two other Army/Navy stores in the vicinity as well (within about a 15 mile radius), but only this one is going out of business. I went in and got two pairs of Smartwool socks. If you live in any kind of cold weather and haven't discovered Smartwool socks, you are missing out. Not all socks are created equal and these are glorious. You probably think I am a wacko, but you have to understand that Smartwool socks are between $14.99 and $19.99 A PAIR..... and worth every penny. At 30% off, that is a real bargain. These are my favorites, aren't they cute? I am so excited about my socks. I am going to miss them when it gets hot outside.

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Peggy Sue said...

I Love your smartwool socks! That's a pair I don't have. I share your enthusiasm for them. It's a simple pleasure for a LOOONG winter! There was only one pair left at Army/Navy when I went so apparantly many others also are into socks...