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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Josiah's birthday

Well, my baby turned 12 last week. How can it be? He is so talented and so mature. He has a very witty sense of humour, is a great baseball player, reads like crazy, is gifted musically, is beautiful, is very fun to be around, enjoys art, enjoys people, loves to talk, is a faithful friend, and LOVES horses (he has requested I think every book that is available to us on horses in the Flathead Library system. He will be a professional by the time we get our own horse). Josiah is a really interesting individual. I am glad that he is my son. We went to the ranch for two days on the morning of his birthday and then we went to the CM Russell Auction and art show for the weekend in Great Falls. For his gifts, he wanted a pair of Muckboot Britt Riders so we split them with Grandma and Grandpa Riggs (the older they get the more their toys cost!). He was so excited. We also got him a hardback copy of Black Gold (a horse book by Marguerite Henry) which is his favorite book....he read it all on the way to the ranch. He received money from both sets of grandparents and "The Dog Whisperer" dog training book from my mom and dad too. We road around in the tractor with Brad and the boys feeding out some hay and watching the bison and went to check on the horses. Josiah said it was the best birthday he had ever had and LAST year we went to the Padres Spring Training in Peoria, AZ so that was saying a lot!! Want to see photos?


Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Josiah!! and that's the boys yelling it over my shoulder too! where did the time fly Karen? Today is good Friday and I was remembering the fun times we had at the Good Friday services. Sure miss y'all.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Josiah! and that's the boys yelling it over my shoulder too, lol! Where did the time go Karen? they are all growing up too quickly.

Today is Good Friday and it reminds me of the fun times we had at Balboa Park Good Friday services with y'all. Have a blessed Easter. sure do miss you!

Kelly said...

Aww Jo-nana we miss you!! Happy Birthday! Did you get your birthday card yet? We can't wait to see you in May ;-)