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Thursday, March 27, 2008

At Day at the Office with Dad

Brad is out at the ranch every week for two days and he has been taking the boys with him. It started out with just one kid going each week and then, being the smart boys that they are, they knew a good thing when they saw it, so now all three go along. It is nice for Brad to have helpers out there with him and it is great for the kids. They work their tails off and occasionally they freeze! :) There are great advantages in going anywhere with the Treat Guy Dad; hot chocolate, ice cream at night, a movie before bed, etc. Now the bad side is (at least for them), that the homeschool Nazi Mom loads them up with school work so that they don't get behind. They have to do it on the trip out and back and after the long day's work. Dad is happy because everyone is busy in the car and not talking his ear off! :) A couple of weeks ago, on Josiah's birthday, we all went out for the two day stint. It was fun visiting Dad at one of his "offices". We went with them in the tractor to check on the bison and the horses, checked the fencing, and fed some hay. The weather was perfect - it was crystal clear and sunny. It is always a great time out there. Of all the places to love, I think that the ranch is our far! More photos here.

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