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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Friends

We recently received a flyer in the mail from some of our "friends" in San was an In N Out Burger flyer with headlines reading "Fresh is Never Far Away", listing all of the In N' Out locations in the U.S. (not enough in my book). Right next to the headline, these so-called "friends" added a personal note which reads "However, in your case I think you would have to drive pretty far. We are only 20 minutes away. Are you jealous?"

Hm. Did I mention that we LOVE In N' Out Burger? Does that sound like a very "friendly" note to you? I didn't think so. So, here is my public rebuttal: Dear "Friends", you may be only 20 minutes away from In N Out Burger while we are appx. 15 hours away, however, even though you live in San Diego and we are in Montana, WE are much closer to the water than you!!! See photo below". LOVE, The Dunhams. Is there a way to blow a raspberry in writing? If so, consider it done! ;)

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Missy Shell said...

I love that Elisha has her hand on her hip, just to show her true frustration!