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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bison - It's What's for Dinner

Many of you are wondering what happened to that bison in the garage.....well, he is now in the freezer. After the kitchen and garage were prepared and bleached and after we had our morning lattes, the fun began. The Fabulous Millers came with their robo meat grinder, knives and happy selves. Our friends, Scott Paul and Jay Rickel (Jr.) showed up and even my sweet friend, Tracy Rickel, couldn't stand to miss out on the fun (yep, that really is what she said). The meat was beautiful (if such things can be so, but we all agreed that it was). In the end, we now have meat in the freezer and we learned a few things:

1. Just because you know where rib eyes come from, does not mean that they will look
anything like rib eyes when you are finished.

2. Anything that you aren't sure about is round steak.......we have LOTS of round steak.

3. With a little imagination, anything can be a chuck roast.

4. Even when T-bones LOOK like burger, they really aren't - but they CAN be.

5. A bison is a lot larger than, let's say, a, shouldn't we have already known that?

6. Leave the butchering of large animals up to the professionals. Butchers are amazing and
we ought to appreciate them a lot more. Really.

7. Next year, in order to more fully understand the process so that we can better
serve our bison customers - we are going to take a field trip to the butcher instead!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your lessons! I'm glad it went well. I personally cleaned my own fresh game last weekend - 2 pheasants! (also the first day I ever shot a shotgun!) Pretty easy really, so long as I didn't think about things too much. They were yummy for dinner.

-Mrs. B.

ps they are much smaller than a bison :-)

Kelly said...

"Mommy, can we please have ugly pot roast for dinner?" ((snort))

Peggy Sue Miller said...

I really am sorry I put the t-bones in the burger. I just wish we knew which package(s) of burger it was in. I suppose we'll call them steak burgers from now on.
Memory making stuff!