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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Summer Home

I have been meaning to post about our summer home on the ranch, but just haven't gotten to it. We had planned on having a wall tent up most of the summer, but when we found out we had to move, everything sort of went haywire. Brad has worked on part of the foundation and will continue and it will be great for next year. We were on the west side of the ranch, the part we call the Curry side (the Curry family owned that part of the ranch many years ago and it was their old home sight), next to the creek, in a tent most of the summer. Brad and Doug dug out the fresh water spring and we built a sort of out-house and we had a perfect spot. We rough it a little when we are there, but it doesn't ever seem to matter, because we so love being there. Here are some photos, just so you can enjoy it with us.

Camp Dunham

We have a nice view - actually, I think this is the prettiest place on the ranch. The shack in the background is uninhabitable and will be torn down eventually.

The spring

It runs down to Cut Bank Creek right at that fence line is a few feet down.

"The 6-Star"

Just so you don't freak out and feel sorry for us roughing it - our fridge/freezer is out in the middle of the field hooked up to the electrical box! I meant to take a photo of it before Brad covered it as we were leaving. We have power to the tent grinder, espresso maker, know, really roughing it!!

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