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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bye Bye Dunwoody Lane

We left our house on Dunwoody Lane for good on the 15th. Although we were very ready and happy to leave, there are a number of things that I will miss.......
--being on 2 acres surrounded by great views and horses (13 on our street and 3 at our back fence)
--Jellison Road (Lane, Avenue, whatever) where we used to walk. It is my favorite place in the valley so far.
--being on our own private well....freezing cold water right out of the tap
--living in Columbia Falls. We love the little town and hope to end up back in Columbia Falls in the future.
--the Border Collie, Cowboy, that lived across the street, but decided that he was ours.
--our very large bathtub.

We are moving to Kalispell and will be IN TOWN in a neighborhood. That will be a stretch for us, however, but for a short time, it will be a good fit and we are excited for a number of reasons:
--the house is much larger with tons of storage space and we are getting out ALL of our things that have remained packed for the last year!!
--I have a disposal!!!!!!! Never thought much about that huh? Don't take them for granted! If you are out in the country, you don't have one because it is too hard on a septic. I am truly thankful!
--We are close to COSTCO! Oh joy!
--Brad says that living in town will get him motivated to get out of town (and buy!!)
--we are just 6 houses down from the Millers - our pastor and his family (our very good friends).....that makes living in town all worth it. We are looking forward to a really fun year!!

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