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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Whitefish Lake in Winter

We have had four glorious days of sun. Not good for the snow, but great for the mind and the great outdoors. This Flathed Valley that we call home is beautiful no matter which way you slice it, but with sun - it is almost too much to behold. We took a drive to Whitefish Lake the other day and this is what we found. Ever walked on a lake when it is frozen? I was a little freaked out - must have watched too many movies as a kid where people fell through the ice and either drowned or ALMOST drowned. I have visions of Meg in Little Women - or was it Amy?? And of Henry Hoodini trying to breathe under the ice as he drifted downstream. Shiver!!!
But I digress. The ice that we were on was quite thick - EXCEPT where people had recently been ice fishing. Those are the places that you have to look out for I've been told - and so you can bet I did.

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