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Monday, February 18, 2008

Over the Hump - we hope.

Life is crazy everywhere - and it has been extremely crazy here for certain. Lots has gone on in the past few weeks. One of the things that has happened is that over the past three weeks, we have had bouts with the flu (the STOMACH flu!). I want to know why everyone can't get it at once? In the past, that is always how it person gets sick and then a few days later more get it and the next day're all done in a week. Not this time. Josiah and Micah had it the first week (while Brad was out of town in San Diego). Micah threw up once and the next morning was just fine. I have this thing about throw up - I just don't do well with it (that is a HUGE understatement) and the Lord has been gracious to give me kids that rarely EVER throw up. Because of my problem in this area, I run a starvation camp until I know that there is NO WAY that kid is going to throw up again. They're lucky to get more than a drop of water out of me. The problem with that, however, is that I have two kids (Josiah and Micah) that throw up when they don't eat for a long period of time (i.e. if they don't like dinner and choose not to eat, they could very likely be throwing up in the morning and will not keep anything down until around noon.....I generally have at least SOMETHING that they like for dinner, though - remember me and throw up? So that almost never happens). So, Micah was fine on day 2 - truly fine - but just to make sure, I wouldn't let her eat more than a crumb at a time. So....the next day, she threw up again. Now, I'm not positive, but I think that her day 3 throwing up was due to lack of food. By about noon, with food, she was done and back to normal . Josiah, however, was miserable for a day and 1/2. After three days and no one else getting sick I figured we were all going to miss out. A week later - the very night that Brad was coming home - I got it. argh. Have you ever driven to the airport to pick up your husband while sick with the flu? Okay, granted, the airport is literally 5 minutes from my front door, but I couldn't even walk to the car without blacking out or lying down numerous times. I was a little worried that I was going to black out while driving - NOT good. I did make it, barely, and we got Dad home. At around 3am, Isaiah starts throwing up. I was a completely miserable zombie and Brad had to take care of it. I am so thankful that he was home because I could never have taken care of Isaiah - Brad was, however, NOT thankful that he was home! Isaiah was fine and dandy the next morning, while for days I felt like a truck ran me over. Again, after a few days, I figured everyone else was going to avoid the plague (oh, Brad had already gotten sick in San Diego - not the stomach flu, but the other aches, chills and fever flu). The following Tuesday (one week later) Elisha starts throwing up. That was a week ago tomorrow (gulp!) and Elias still hasn't had it. Surely if he were going to be sick he would've had it by now, right? RIGHT???

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