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Friday, August 13, 2010

socialization and patience - the two biggies

This post appeared on Pioneer Woman this week from a contributor. I love her explanation of the questions that all we homeschoolers get asked on a regular basis - I think that her answers are the best I have heard. The one that really gets me is the patience one. I am certain that when my kids are supposed to be doing math and I enter the room and they are ALL doing anything BUT math and my head spins around and sub-human noises spew from my mouth, that no one in the world would confuse that with patience. We are not born with it, nor do any of us just have it - well, Jessica Mallery I think might and Rebekah Tolopilo, but the rest of us got stuck with a little more of that sin nature than they did. I do believe that, although tough days make us wonder, that we learn patience through homeschooling - we just don't have any other choice. Anyone considering homeschooling their children should not determine they ought to do so based on their level of is a much larger decision than that. As the above blogger so wisely mentions, it is a family conviction put into action - don't let the reason you don't homeschool be your lack of patience. And forgive that previous double negative, grammar no-no!


Kendra aka The Meanest Momma said...

I read that post too! Very well put. I'm finding child #2 is revealing my lack of patience in all things parenting. I'd like to blame him, but am slowly coming to realize that God is using son's stubbornness to reveal my weakness, not his.

Patience is a challenge whether the kids are schooling with or without you!

Karen said...

Kendra, I totally understand. I just had that conversation with son #1 yesterday - that God uses the people in our lives (be it mother, father, sibling, huband/wife, childe) to sanctify us, and we can either blame or change and grow. Sometimes, I'd rather blame. Not a pretty process.

Jessica said...

Karen, believe me, I struggle with my share of impatience when it comes to my children. You should have seen the way things went this morning... :(

Karen Dunham said...

Jessica, I am so glad to know that you are human too! ;) ha.

Brian and Rachel said...

I loved this post! I am in my third year of home schooling and hear my sister say this all the time, I could never do it I have no patience. It drives me nuts!!
I naturally have zero patience and zero tolerance. But I do have God's grace and thats all I need.