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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remedy Drive

When we heard that Remedy Drive - no, when we heard that A Christian band, any Christian band, was actually coming to Kalispell, we fell out of our seats. Then, we got up and bought tickets. I had never heard of Remedy Drive, but Josiah had read about them and by the time we went to the show at a local church, we had heard their newest album a few times. When the bass player started jumping off speakers and they all started head banging, I was okay, but when the lead singer started standing on his head/shoulders on top of his keyboard with his feet in the air, I started getting a little worried! It so happened that, other than the few strange antics, the concert was really good. The sound left a little to be desired, but I enjoyed their music. It was really fun and I felt really old. After the show, Josiah went up front to check out the guitarist's effects pedals. It struck me as funny that everyone was crowding around the door waiting for the band to come out and he was at the stage checking out their equipment. We hung out until things died down and talked to each of them. Since then, we have followed their website and Josiah keeps up with what they are doing. A couple of them mentioned really enjoying CS Lewis and Tim Keller on their blogs. I was impressed with the Tim Keller part - not your typical rock band. It was an exciting night for Josiah and I. I miss that part of my life - the music part. It is especially fun sharing it with my own kid who loves it too.


Kendra aka The Meanest Momma said...

what a fun mother-son moment! Did Mike tell you about when and a bud went to see Reliant K? He felt a little old too :)

Josiah Dunham said...

It was so fun!