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Thursday, April 30, 2009

$1 Taco Tuesday

Have I mentioned that the thing we miss the most about San Diego is the Mexican food (well, other than our friends, of course!)? Shallow, aren't we? We lived there for many years and we miss the food (and Trader Joe's and Henry's, but those are food related as well. Hm.). We went to $1 Taco Tuesday at On the Border....the whole lot of us, except Wayne who always seems to be out of town the majority of the time that we are in SD. My husband is certain that Mr. Curles does it on purpose just to leave Brad with 11 children and the almost equivalent of 2 wives.....poor guy. Now, I know that On The Border isn't real REAL Mexican food, but we take what we can get - remember, we live in Montana. Anyone out there that is looking for a great investment ought to open a taco stand here in Montana. You know, a Roberto's/Aliberto's/Jaliberto's because almost everyone who lives in Montana is from California and we all miss the Mexican food - and the salsa.

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