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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Written In Chalk

Written in Chalk - the new CD by Buddy and Julie Miller (my VERY favorites) was released on March 3rd. We saw a write-up in World Magazine listing it as a new notable CD saying:

Written in Chalk Buddy & Julie Miller
Style: The latest stretch of the Americana highway along which the Millers, solo and together, have been hiking for over 20 years.
Worldview: "If all our heartaches were in a stack, they'd go all the way up to heaven and back. / We don't know all the trouble we're in. [. . .] Jesus, save us from our sin" ("Chalk").
Overall quality: Backwoods country blues (Buddy) and late-night heartbreak (Julie) battered by bare-knuckled grace (Buddy with Julie); the difference this time: the cameos (Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Regina McCrary, Patty Griffin).

The Millers have been putting out music together for years and whether it is a solo album for either or an official joint effort, they each have both Buddy and Julie's handprints all over them. I had the extreme privilege of working with and getting to know the Millers a number of years back. Talent that shows no end and lovely humility go hand in hand with them. Isn't that a nice thing to see? I'm excited for this new musical release by them. Can't wait to hear the whole thing.


Peggy Sue said...

Off topic...I love your new look! Beautiful!!!

San Diego Dawn said...

Hi Karen,
I visited your blogspot after I saw your e-mail about the bison delivery. I'm so excited to hear that Buddy and Julie Miller have a new cd. I was just wondering about them the other day!