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Friday, December 19, 2008

Isaiah the birthday boy

Isaiah turned 10 years old on the road. Driving 14 hours through Southern Utah, Nevada, and the desert of California (groan - and L.A. even) is not a great way to celebrate a birthday, but he didn't complain even once. We started out Isaiah's day in SLC, UT heading toward San Diego. We arrived at the Curles late that night and so celebrated the next day with them. We went out to lunch that day (at our beloved and missed taco shop), and had cake and tacos that night. Because of the guilt of being on the road and him not getting a normal birthday, he was able to milk it for all it was worth. And his birthday extended until our trip was over on the 18th.....when we arrived back in MT, we had tons of snow (just for him) and gifts waiting.
Isaiah is a great kid. He is extremely motivated, helpful and exceptionally cheerful. I always know that I can depend on him to get things done. He is always finished with his work and on to his own adventures before some of the others even begin their work. He is such a sweet kid and will often help a sibling with their work so that they won't miss out on some fun. What would we ever do without him?
I cannot believe he is ten. I remember a time when he had just turned 4 and we were going to Josiah's tee ball game. Josiah had gone early with Brad and he had forgotten some item. Isaiah wanted to get out to the field and give it to Josiah right away and begged to walk from the parking lot over there by himself. I was still getting the littler people out of the car and I let him go. As I watched him, walking tall, all the way over there with his cute, little stride, it hit me hard that this was a first break into Independence and that one day he would be all grown up and not my baby anymore. Funny, but the moment is etched so deeply in my mind; my little man, heading out into the big world.
My little man keeps getting bigger and growing smarter and figuring things out. I look forward to the young man and the grown man that he will be one day. God will do great things with him. I am so thankful that he is mine - he is one of my most cherished blessings. Happy Birthday, dear Isaiah, Happy Birthday to you!!

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