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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

All Thee Wanth for Chrithmath ith her two front teeth


Micah lost two teeth in two days and now has a gap large enough to allow her toe to access it while her teeth are closed. I have been a very bad tooth fairy - so bad that when Micah lost her first tooth, I felt so much guilt that I tried to make up for it by giving EVERYONE $1 (lame tooth fairy - what's a buck when that fairy was on vacation for years!!). Micah scored and the tooth fairy actually did visit both nights. The second night, she couldn't find her tooth and was freaking out. I assured her that the tooth fairy would still come, but she wouldn't have any part of it. She said, " That is the way you're 'pose to do it. You have to have the fairy tooth. And the fairy has a magic bison she comes in on" A what???. So we called out the search and rescue party until we found the "fairy tooth". I had a harder time letting go of those baby teeth than she did. I cannot believe that my baby has lost her two front teeth!!


Missy Shell said...

Goodness, she's looking so grown up!

Kelly said...

Wow, Micha! That's one big hole in your mouth, how do you eat?? ;-)

Mike said...

A bison?! That is some funny stuff.