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Saturday, December 1, 2007

ranch stuff

We were all at the ranch yesterday - 10 below zero weather! But sunny and beautiful. You know, 10 below doesn't feel like what I expected - I can do that! :) As long as you are prepared, it is fine. However, it WAS sunny and there was NO wind - which is highly unusual for over there. The worst part was when Elisha and I decided to go in and check on the cabins - they needed a little attending to. We turned on the space heaters before we went in to work, but it was still colder IN the cabins than OUTSIDE!! We mopped with hot water, but it immediately froze and created a thin, little ice rink in there! When we put the sheets on the beds, we were absolutely freezing and couldn't wait to get back outside! Isn't that crazy? We also met the butcher oersonally yesterday when he came out to kill and gut 2 bison....yucky business that is... and the bison are not the sharpest tool in the shed - the guy pulls up every weekend, gets out and shoots one of them. The rest of the herd all jump and hustle off a little ways and then as he guts the one he has killed, the others come back close again. Then he shoots another one. Then the next week when he shows up in the truck again, they all come over to the truck as if to say "hey, what's this guy doing?". Same truck, same guy, same routine. DUH. After he guts them and cuts off their heads (ick), the others stand around in the field staring at it....not too smart - or maybe it is that they just aren't scared of anything. I am beginning to wonder if all of those paintings of Indians having to chase the bison all over the prairie to kill them are acccurate.... maybe they just came up on their horses and shot them all at once! I didn't watch the gutting, but did see the aftermath. Yucky. We are picking up a pelt from one of them next week and going to try our hand at tanning. That should be a fun boy project. I think that the girls and I will just stay inside and bake cookies or something! :)

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Doug Kyle said...

I know what you mean! 80 degrees today in San Diego didn't feel like what I expected either. It was actually cooler inside. We couldn't wait to get outside either! What a coincidence! can your kids sing at our Christmas Eve service? Please?