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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Happy Birthday Boys!!

Well, today, in addition to it being Reformation Day (and that other day), we have two birthday boys! Elias and Brad both share the same birthday. I'd say Brad got a pretty good birthday gift 7 years ago today when the Bear (Elias' nickname) was born. Can he possibly be seven?? Bear is cute as a button, totally crazy, and missing a few screws! :) Today, the men requested waffles for breakfast (done!). At our house, you pick your birthday dinner as well. Elias chose tacos and ice cream cake with white cake in the middle.....oreo crust, cool whip topping. Brad always chooses the same meal.....tuna noodle casserole. It is his absolute favorite meal (I know, hard to believe!) along with German Chocolate cake. So, there you go. We are having Elias' dinner tonight and then I am making Brad's casserole for him to take to the ranch this week so he can have the whole thing to himself (unless he cares to share with Paul - and Paul cares to eat it!). No school on birthdays either! We may even splurge and use those Book It Pizza Hut coupons for lunch! What a day! See photos here.

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Robert Cochran said...

No kidding.
My absolute favorite meal of all time is TUNA NOODLE CASSEROLE!!!
I know!
I was salivating during your post!!
We had a little 'joke' growing up that when we all went off to make our way in the world, when we called home and told Mom that we were bringing home mr. 'right' we would clue her in by asking her to make our favorite meals.
Sister ANne's was Leg of Lamb.
Mine was tuna noodle casserole!
I forget Michael's. Probaby hot dogs!
Poor janet!!
Send me some casserole!!
i see i am on son robert's desktop but don't want to go to mine so this is from me and not him.
here is my email
Hug an Elk for me!!